Lake Nakuru National park is situated on the floor of the Great Rift Valley, embodied by forested and bushy savannah.  Tourists at the park enjoy the wide ecological variety and varied habitats that range from the Lake itself, the surrounding cliffs, and attractive ridges. Lake Nakuru National Park is ultimate for hiking, game drives, and bird watching. Lake Nakuru is ranked among Kenya’s most beautiful national parks. Bordered by rocky mountains, bushes of acacia forest and also has a waterfall, the park is breathtaking tourist destination throughout the year, and it hosts the rare white and black rhinos, hippos, leopards, lions and in danger of extinction Rothschild’s giraffes.

Flamingos in Lake Nakuru

The southern region of Lake Nakuru is the best place to watch wildlife. The woody part beneath the Flamingo Hill is the most preferred lion spotting point. Lionesses mostly like to sleep under the trees and also leopards are frequently spotted in the same area, and at times around the Makalia camp. This park was gazetted in 1960 as a bird reserve and elevated to National Park rank in 1968. Nakuru national park is popular because it is the only park in Kenya with a large population of rhinos. The Lake itself occupies more than a third of the national park. In the shores of the Lake, there blossom of the blue-green Cyanophyte and is the primary food source for the flamingos in the area. During the peak season, millions of pelicans flamingos gather on the Lake. Nakuru national park is a top-ranked tourist destination in Kenya as well as Africa, famous for the Flamingos that flock on the shorelines to feed on the cyanobacteria that that is available in alkaline waters. It is a primary breeding area and stopover for most species of birds and has been nominated World Heritage Site.


The most popular way to have an incredible experience of Lake Nakuru National Park is the excellent game drives. This can best be done with a knowledge of the birdlife, as they are the main attraction of this park.

Game Drives

Flamingos at Lake Nakuru

Nakuru National park is popular because of flamingos; it also offers one of Africa’s most varied bird species and also hippos, leopards, rhinos, lions, and more wildlife animals. Their visitors who’re their schedules don’t allow for an overnight safari; it is possible to experience this in a day trip, direct from your accommodation. The forestry and savannah around Lake Nakuru National Park are famous for bird viewing.


Nakuru national park has particular sites where you can pitch your tent and sleep under the canvas of nature; such places include Rhino Naishi, Chui and Soysambu

Viewpoint in Lake Nakuru National Park

Here you get an out of Africa look, the best view that you can’t miss in the park, it is well situated in a rocky for the incredible view. It is frequently less visited by tour groups than the nearby lower Baboon Cliff; it is inclined rocky that allows a sweeping view out over the Lake and loving memories for fans of the movies parts of the film that were filmed in the park, with most of the shots taken from this point.

Touring the Baboon Cliffs

This is the beautiful famous viewpoint and a place to enjoy lunch and has excellent views out over the Lake, with some stunning aerial views down of the scenery flooded lake shoreline. Baboons, however, are stubborn, and they even raid vehicles you leave your car and have food scraps. Visit in the early morning before they’ve taken over for the day.

Waterfall in Lake Nakuru National Park

Waterfall in Lake Nakuru National Park, Makalia Falls

The modest Makalia Falls itis located in the southern end of the park; they tend to swell when it rains when they’re at their best. You also camp at the nearby park camping site.

Breathtaking nature and wildlife experience

Tourists can enjoy breathtaking park explorations of the park by guided game drives and hiking made possible by safari operators. It is among the few parks in Kenya you will have an incredible experience with up-close game drives with White Rhinos, and it is possible to take a snap of them with scenery of gathers of flamingos on the Lake in the background. The park is among the top-ranked tourist destination for individuals who are interested in nature and wildlife, not only will you watch the sight of more than a million Flamingos. Many other bird species love alkaline waters, such as the heron’s storks and pelicans.

Accommodation at Lake Nakuru

The park has plenty of accommodation options ranging from campsites to the surrounding hotels. The famous accommodation hotel is the Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge, which is located on the hill facing Lake Nakuru. Accommodation at Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge is offered in cottage-style rooms that are well furnished.


The park is known to have a moderate climate but at times, tends to be hot and humid, though it does go to extremes of hotness like other parts of Kenya. The park usually has two main wet seasons, between March and May and also between October and December. The rain is typically in the form of torrential downpours either early in the morning, or the afternoon, the weather of the park generally be considered fine

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