Lamu Island Beach Packages

Lamu Island Beach Deals and Packages

Are you looking for Lamu Island Beach Packages? We got you covered, Zunguka Africa Safaris offers amazing Lamu Island Beach Deals just for you and your loved ones.  Lying just south of the Equator, the Lamu Archipelago is a chain of islands separated from the mainland by a narrow channel bordered with dense mangrove forest and protected from the Indian Ocean by large sand dunes and thriving coral reefs.

Lamu is Kenya’s oldest living settlement, and was once a trading post between Arabia, India and the West.The rich history of inter-culture commerce has created a vibrant heritage unique to the coastal Swahili people. Lamu is the most perfect example of an historical Swahili city in the world, with a warren of rounded houses, airy courtyards shaded by palm trees, and street cafes serving up steaming chapattis and cups of milky tea.

Lamu Island Holiday Deals

Lamu Island Packages and Holidays

Lamu Island is a romantic town that has survived time without undergoing changes, a place where things are today almost as they were at the turn of the Century. An exotic getaway for visitors, where donkeys are used for transport. The streets are narrow and winding. There are probably more dhows to be seen here than anywhere else along the East African Coast.

Lamu Island beach is magnificent and uncluttered. It’s one of the most relaxing places you will ever have the pleasure to visit. The perfect place for honeymooners and couples.

Lamu Island Beach Packages
Lamu Island Beach Packages

Lamu Island Vacation and Tours

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This delightful coastal town on the fringe of Kenya is incredibly peaceful and slow-paced, all of which adds to the unique charm of this town. The landscape is punctuated by traditional mosques and coiling streets, where you’ll find friendly people and a throwback to classic Kenya.

Revel in the quaintness of this town – it’s exactly what makes it so appealing as a holiday destination. From the authentic Swahili food and coastal bars, to the many opportunities to sail around the coast and explore the beaches, Lamu provides a great chance to see a different side to Kenya.

Lamu Island Beach Packages
Lamu Island Beach Packages

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Longing to scratch your travel itch in Diani Beach? We definitely can’t blame you. But before you head to this epic destination, how about we fill you in on the essentials.

We would love to customise your next beach safari vacation in Lamu Island. With our exclusive Lamu Island Beach Packages, you wont go wrong with us, but enjoy every bit of it. Grab these deals available for you.


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