romantic places to propose

Discover the Best Romantic Places to Propose in Kenya

Love is a concept, sweet yet mysterious. When it catches up with you, there’s no turning back. Especially when it’s that special someone; the one you can’t stop thinking about. When you think of your future without this special person, … Read More

Rhino Ark

Rhino Ark- Saving the Black Rhino

The poaching of elephant tusks and rhino horns has been a thorn to the tourism sector in Kenya. The menace was intense in the 1980s. In a bid to quell the poaching of wildlife in the Aberdares, Ken Kuhle founded … Read More

Chale Island in Kenya

Enjoy Serene Beach Holidays at Chale Island in Kenya

Love blossoms and thrives at the beautiful white sands of Chale Island. Kenya’s most tranquil and private island offers amazing romantic getaways. Beach lovers are bound to be enthralled by the deep white sands of Chale Island in Kenya. Zunguka … Read More

The Aberdare National Park

The Striking Beauty of the Aberdare National Park

It is every camper’s dream to spend a night at the Aberdare National Park. Whereas you may wonder where the charm is in camping up the mountains, those who have experienced the magical bush feeling have lots of praise for … Read More

Mida Creek in Watamu

The Marvels of Mida Creek in Watamu

Coastal Kenya is a marvel beyond comparison. It is said that visiting the coast of Kenya is easy but leaving is an uphill task. Well, there are many solid reasons to back this claim. First of all, the white sandy … Read More

caves in Kenya

Explore 8 Alluring Caves in Kenya

Exploring the caves in Kenya is an enthralling activity for both local and foreign tourists. The intense feeling of being in a small, dark confinement full of uncertain bat movements is a unique experience that you can find in all … Read More

sceneries in Kenya

Breathtaking Sceneries in Kenya

Nature has one too many surprises in its fold. Often, we don’t get to understand how intense nature can be unless we explore outside our comfort zones. There are numerous breathtaking sceneries in Kenya. Features you never imagined existed are … Read More

unique tourist spots in Kenya

Unique Tourist Spots in Kenya

Unique Tourist Spots in Kenya Travelling is often at the top of the bucket list for any adventurous individual. A visit to Kenya is undoubtedly one of the best choices a tourist can ever make. There are numerous unique tourist … Read More